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Tengwar Translations

From Various Sources

Last year at Suncoast, I bought a beautiful map of Middle-Earth. It's a satin-like wallscroll (and hanging right behind me as I type). It has Tengwar all the way around the border so, naturally, I had to translate it. :) It proved to be quite interesting and somewhat difficult.

LOTR Satin Middle-Earth Map made by Collectible Concepts Group, Inc.
Border Text Transcription & Translation

There are two poems here. The first four lines of Legolas' "Song of the Sea" (RotK, "The Field of Cormallen") runs along the bottom of the map. The sides and top are all of "Sam's Song" (RotK, "The Tower of Cirith Ungol")

There are some very odd things here with regard to spelling. It's all written in English mode, however tehtar are only used for I and E when it occurs at the end of a word. A, O, U, and E the rest of the time are written with Vilya, Anna, Vala, and Yanta respectively. In the Sindarin Mode of Beleriand the Anna for O and Yanta for E would be correct but Vilya for A and Vala for U would not. Additionally, Rómen is used for W and Noldo for Y which is not correct in any Tengwar mode that I know of. The usage of most characters is as substitution for English letters rather than spelling by pronunciation, such as the silent Es at the end of words being included, however some parts are written by pronunciation. Another interesting inclusion is Tolkien's initials JRRT at the end of "Sam's Song" written with Anga-Óre(Under Tilde)-Tinco.

I was glad that they actually made this text say something instead of being random characters, but I can't fathom why it was then spelled so poorly.

Translation mistakes (on original map as such):
= a = e = o = u = w = y

Original Tengwar
Exact translation (According to Tengwar English Mode)
Correct (Intended) translation
Correct (I think) Tengwar

Bottom line:

ty the sy- ! the rhite gwlls -re chrii-ing, the rind is
to the sea! the white gulls are crying, the wind is

bl-ing, -nd the rhite fy-m is fliing.
blowing, and the white foam is flying.

ryst, ryst -r-y, the rownd swn is f-lling.
west, west away, the round sun is falling.

grei ship dy ngyw hy-r thym ch-lling?
grey ship do you hear them calling?

Left side, going up:

inrystyrn l-nds byny-th the swn the flyryrs m-y
in western lands beneath the sun the flowers may

rise in spring, the trys mai bwd, the r-tyrs rwn, the
rise in spring, the trees may bud, the waters run, the

myrii finchys sing. yr thyre m-yby tis chlywdlyss
merry finches sing. or there maybe tis cloudless

night -nd sroy-
night and sway-

Top line:

-ing bychys by-r the ylvyn st-rs -s jyryls rhite
-ing beeches bear the elven stars as jewels white

-mid the yir br-ching h-ir. thywgh hyre -t
amid their branching hair. though here at

jywrnyngs ynd i lie in d-rknyss bwrid dyp,
journeys end I lie in darkness buried deep,

byngynd -ll tyryrs st-
beyond all towers st-

Right side, going down:

-ryng -nd high, byngynd -ll mywtt-ins styp, -byve
-rong and high, beyond all mountains steep, above

-ll shydows rides the swn -nd st-rs fyryvyr
all shadows rides the sun and stars forever

dryll, irill nyt sai the daiis dyne, nyr bid the
dwell, I will not say the day is done, nor bid the

st-rs f-reyll. jrrt
stars farewell. jrrt