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The Lord of the Rings

The Foundation of Modern Fantasy

Like many children of the 80s, I grew up with Ralph Bakshi's 1978 "Hobbit" cartoon, but I never actually knew the books existed. In the 90s, I became a huge fan of the Sci-Fi series Babylon 5. I loved it for its depth of emotion, complex plot and character development, and its continuous story arc. One day while describing the 3rd season's climatic ending, a friend of mine said, "You know he [the creator of Babylon 5] took that from Lord of the Rings don't you?" Of course I had no idea what she was talking about. So I got a hold of a copy of the trilogy (my dad just happened to have a set he was willing to part with) and before I had finished the first chapter of Fellowship I was in love. Since then I've read it several times and it's become my favorite set of books.

When I first heard about the movies two years ago, I was thrilled but skeptical. I knew that it would tough to please the fans of the books. Well, as an LOTR fan, a Sci-Fi/Fantasy fan, AND as a movie-lover, not only was I not disappointed, I was awed and amazed by the beauty of the movie, the incredible performances of all the actors and actresses, the attention to detail, and the obvious devotion of all people involved in making it. It was truly one of the best movies I have ever seen. Below I have descriptions of what will be featured in each section.

Bio of author J.R.R. Tolkien
Details of Middle-Earth
Languages of Middle-Earth
Songs from Middle-Earth
My Review of Fellowship
Cast and Crew of Rings
Interesting Movie Facts
Did You Catch....?
Babylon 5 VS Rings
Image Gallery

Bio of J.R.R. Tolkien
This will feature all the info I can find on Tolkien's life and what influenced him to write his books about Middle-Earth.

Details of Middle-Earth
Here I will have a brief history of Middle-Earth(for a full history of Middle-Earth, read Tolkien's book The Silmarillion) and talk a bit about the landscape and the peoples that inhabit them.

Languages of Middle-Earth
This page will about the amazing languages Tolkien created for his books which are as detailed and complete as any language spoken on Earth.

Songs of Middle-Earth
Tolkien put many poems and songs in his books. Some are silly and funny, some are serious and beautiful. Some are in the common language, some in Elven and Dwarven languages, and even the Black Speech of Mordor.

My Review of the Fellowship movie
This of course will be my review of the movie.

Cast and Crew of the Rings movies
This will be not only a list of who plays who and who does what, but some info about what they have done in the past, how and why they were chosen for LOTR, and any interesting LOTR stories I have about them.

Interesting Movie Facts
A collection of all the neat and interesting things I learned about the making of the movie from several online sources and from Sci-Fi Channel's special "A Passage to Middle-Earth."

Did You Catch....?
The tiny details you caught, thought you caught, or missed altogether. This will have three sections, one for fun little things from the book that were worked into the movie in clever and indirect ways, one for the little discrepancies you thought you imagined, and one for things that might have seemed like mistakes to those who haven't read the books, but were actually correct.

Babylon 5 VS Lord of the Rings
Babylon 5 was influenced heavily by Lord of the Rings. It isn't a rip-off by any means but there are many very close similarities.

Image Gallery
Obviously, pictures from Lord of the Rings. This will be divided into four catagories: Paintings and drawings done by artists long before the movies, pics from the cartoon version, pics from the current movies, and a gallery of comparison pictures comparing the paintings to the corresponding scenes in the movies.